Since the last full establishment survey national daily reach of traditional media has shrunk. In contrast usage has almost doubled. This is despite increase in TV households, growth in population and rise in living standards.

Access to media via mobile devices seems to be impacting on regular use of traditional media

What to expect from the establishment survey

An Establishment Survey is a national survey which targets the general population to establish national ‘incidence’ of access to media.

In fact, no one had an answer to these questions with any degree of accuracy until this was established by KARF in a survey conducted in February to March 2015. The 2015 National Media Establishment Survey has revealed the following top 10 critical information:
  1. How many households in Kenya have a television set and other audio-visual devices?
  2. How many people in Kenya watch television and listen to the radio on a daily and weekly basis?
  3. Which television channels/ radio stations they watch/ listen to?
  4. How do Kenyans watch television – on the big screen? On mobile devices?
  5. Where do Kenyans watch television?
  6. How many people read newspapers and magazines on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  7. Which titles do they read?
  8. Who uses the internet?
  9. How often and what for?
  10. How is the adult population segmented by socio-economic status (LSMs)?