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We provide Audience Research

that give our clients and stakeholders a clear understanding of the Kenya media landscape

Our Commitment

The primary objective of audience research is to provide reliable estimates of audiences to the industry as a basis for the planning of advertising budgets. The secondary objective is to provide audience estimates to facilitate programming analysis and planning.

KARF is committed to inform and support the quality of decision making in the industry through audience research.

In this regard, we ensure our research is evidence-based and we rely on expertise in developing our currency.

In tandem with our research, we consult widely with government, private sector and development agencies. We value information and knowledge that informs our role, and through our relationships in the various sectors, we ensure we remain relevant to the needs of the industry.


The industry through Media Owners Association (MOA). Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA) and Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) decided to collectively form Kenya Audience research Foundation (KARP as an joint industry body to manage all aspects to do with audience measurement in Kenya.

The tender for data collection was won by Steadman Group (now Ipsos) who delivered research under the Paper Diary Methodology up to December 2014

KARF reconstituted the Industry Oversight Committee (IOC) by  bringing in other industry bodies  together with media research technical advisors from Africa Centre for Applied Research (ACAR)

KARF commissioned TNS to conduct a national Media Establishment Survey

The Government of Kenya issued KARF with a certificate of incorporation as a company limited by guarantee.



The Kenya Audience Research Foundation governance structure constitutes two key industry organs – Trustees and Oversight Committee


i. Non Commercialised Rate Card

Kenya Research Audience Foundation is a NOT for PROFIT institution and therefore the rates provided are not commercially motivated.

ii. Gold Standard Media Trading Currency

One of the key founding objective of KARF is to ensure the market has one common measure of audience that can be used by all stakeholders

iii. Industry Oversight Committee

The committee gives a platform where divergent industry inputs are considered and balanced for the common good. This organ helps in promoting accountability on the part of the research agencies working with KARF

iv. One Stop Shop for Audience Data

The research methodology provides data on Television, Radio, Print and Online

v. Ready to Transition Methodology

The current tracking mobile app methodology is intentionally designed to prepare the market for a passive methodology in not so distant future

Benefits of Audience Measurement

With the increase of FRAGMENTATION, in the media, planning is increasingly becoming complex and there is a demand to be even more targeted


The trustees are representatives of the 2 key stakeholders, namely Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA) and Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK)

The officials are:

Annette Martyres

Annette Martyres

KARF Chairperson
Lenny Nganga

Lenny Nganga

APA Chairperson
Monty Dhariwal

Monty Dhariwal

Immediate former APA chairperson
Tony Gacheca

Tony Gacheca

Immediate Former MSK Chairperson
Joel Karubiu

Joel Karubiu

Wanjiru Kiriro

Wanjiru Kiriro

KARF Head of Business Development